Welcome to the teens4oceans blog

February 28, 2009

Welcome to the teens4oceans Goliath Grouper Research Project Blog. Other Blogs will be added for other projects in the near future. The two OceanCams are positioned facing northwest, about 12 feet apart, between the nothbound and southbound lanes of the Bahia Honda Bridge. The best times for viewing are at slack high tide or anytime on the flood tide. The above-water cameras are in two positions, one viewing the equipment and one in the electronics enclosure. The enclosure camera allows us to monitor solar, wind and battery operations.

Image courtesy of DonDeMaria

Image courtesy of DonDeMaria

The Goliath Grouper Project was teens4oceans first “Whale Project”, a venture chartered by Kent Denver School in Denver, Colorado. Headed up by science teacher Trevor Mendelow and a group of ninth grade students, the project aimed to install live video cameras in the Florida Keys with underwater listening devices and lights. Schools will have the opportunity to view the two cameras live on the web, and can join the Kent Denver community and assocatied scientific advisors in their research efforts in the coming years. Schools that join the project can be given control of the cameras, on a limited basis, and can access archive high resolution footage for study purposes. More information about the Goliath Grouper will be posted in the “current projects” section of their site.

If you would like to participate in some of the research students are doing, please comment on the Blog. We hope to install a new camera in the Tortugas this summer (June 24th – July 2nd) and stream the telepresence. if you would like to provide any suggestions, participate, or help in fundraising, please contact Trevor Mendelow (tmendelow@kendtdenver.org).