Video and Photo Competition!

September 29, 2010

Hi everyone!
Check out the new pictures we’ve added from the US virgin islands trip! Also, we’re excited to announce the Video and Photo of the Week competition. Submit your videos and photos; we’ll send the best entrant a free T4O t-shirt and feature your video on the website. The media can be footage from our cameras, or other images you’ve taken, or videos you find on YouTube. Please send media to

Update: We just posted a few images from the VI; underwater photos coming soon!


Hot Ocean

September 29, 2010

After my students read this article,
we have been watching global ocean temperatures. Will there be a repeat of the coral bleaching event of 1998?

Water temperatures in the bays of the USVI are reportedly in the upper eighties (Fahrenheit) and even the lower nineties. We will post some primary source articles soon, which highlights some of the research and monitoring that is being done around the world.

image courtesy of

Weekly Update- 9/27

September 27, 2010

Hi, fellow ocean lovers! 
This week, we’ll be updating the website and adding some new photos from our trip to the US Virgin Islands.  The Virgin Islands cam is up and running, after months of complications.  We’re also working on the other cameras; we anticipate that the Bahia Honda cam and Dry Tortugas cam will be up to their usual performance in the coming weeks.

Send us any questions or suggestions, and save those oceans!


School’s in! Welcome back T4O students!

September 17, 2010

Hi everyone! This is the first (hopefully) of many blog posts by student members of T4O! The new school year has finally begun and with it regular meetings of the Teens4Oceans students at Kent have resumed. This year we are looking forward to being more connected to viewers and other fish-lovers through the blog and facebook pages. A student (most likely Allison, the one writing) will update the blog every Thursday with new information about our latest ocean-saving projects and goals.

Firstly, anyone who would like to see what the T4O crew did this summer, take a look at the last few blog posts from our trip to the Virgin Islands!

Secondly, this week we have a question for you:

What would YOU like to see Teens4Oceans accomplish this year?

Thanks to all of you and keep watching the webcams!
Go fish! >)))>

Allison (T4O staff)