Teens4Oceans goes to DEMA

October 20, 2010

On November 18th, several T4O instructors and students will be going to Las Vegas to participate in the DEMA exposition. We will be using iPads to show off our cameras, ad several other technologies in our possession to promote Teens4Oceans. We were invited to the event by Ocean Classrooms and Ocean First Divers. At DEMA, we hope to gain followers and promote our organization among our peers in Marine Biology research. We’ll be updating some of the more substantial elements of our website in the weeks leading up to the DEMA show.

The Virgin Islands cam, eternally harried by foul weather and technical difficulties, is down again. We’re working on it!

We’re also ordering some new merchandise for the website… What kind of products would YOU be interested in?


Fundraising at Kent Denver!

October 17, 2010

Hi all!

This week at Kent Denver is Teens4Oceans week! We’ll be fund raising Monday the 18th until Friday the 22nd. We’re also hosting a challenge in which students attempt to ride a crazy backwards steering bike 100 feet– if they’re able to ride that far, they win $100.

Check out the bike, built by director Trevor Mendelow!

Diving with Gentle Giants

October 15, 2010

Our good friend Graham Casden who we are working with to develop Ocean Classrooms, an online marine science curriculum, recently dived with white sharks (Carcharadon carcharias) off the pacific coast of Mexico. These beautiful organisms certainly posed for the camera! We hope to do a special trip with school kids next year to see these amazing animals. Thank you, Graham, for sharing these images with us.

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Photo of the week competition results!

October 9, 2010

Congratulations to Mindy K. and Alex J. for their excellent submissions! You win t-shirts! Thanks for all the media submitted. We’ll post the winning photos as the photo of the week this coming Tuesday.

Also, we just got some new Teens4Oceans bumper stickers, and we’re considering making them available online. Please leave a comment if you’d like to see some new T4O merchandise!

Save our oceans!