T4O is going to Washington DC!

May 14, 2011

Six T4O students will travel with their education and outreach coordinator, and two T4O board members to Washington DC to attend the Blue Vision Summit. Look for lots of information on our blog and website next weekend.

From the Bluefront.org website:

TODAY THERE IS DESPERATE NEED to develop and expand not only our biological knowledge of the seas, but also an active and educated political constituency to protect the oceans’ living resources.

There are two major new reports on the state of America’s seas, the first of their kind in over thirty years. They are from the independent Pew Oceans Commission and the federal US Commission on Ocean Policy. Both recognize that or marine ecosystems are in crisis. “A 9/11 in the ocean is sitting there waiting to happen if we let it,” warns Admiral James Watkins, head of the federal commission.

Among their recommendations is passage of an American Oceans Act. Like the Clean Air and Clean Water acts of the 20 th century, this would help assure the continued life, health and use of a vital public resource. There’s also a call for an independent ocean agency, a kind of EPA for the seas, and a doubling of ocean science support (today’s funding for ocean exploration is roughly one one-thousandth of NASA’s space budget). Still, government action is unlikely without an upsurge of citizen action to demand change.

The Blue Frontier Campaign is working to link seaweed activists and concerned citizens who, getting so much from the sea in terms of recreation, transportation, food, security, livelihood and spiritual renewal, are now ready to give something back.

The Blue Frontier Campaign has produced dozens of print, radio and television reports on America’s last great wilderness range: Its imperiled living seas. Along with addressing the latest controversies surrounding beach closures, collapsing fish stocks, killer algae, hurricanes and oil spills, the campaign seeks solutions, It does this by educating the public about a “seaweed rebellion” of coastal citizen-activists, local governments, and waterfront communities who are working to protect and restore the sea’s health and our own.

The Campaign also provides public speakers to the nations leading aquariums, to journalism and science conferences, on college campuses and to maritime and ocean activist organizations.

If you’d like to have a speaker address your group you can arrange it through the Blue Frontier Campaign, (202) 387-8030 or Helvarg@bluefront.org